Have You Lost Sight of Who You Are
and Where You're Going?

Uncover Your Soul's Wisdom and Start Being the Gift That You Are


Do You Ever Find Yourself...

Trying to figure out life but feel like you're just not "getting it"?

Feeling like a victim of circumstances and other people?

Trying new things but still feeling dissatisfied?

Confused and uncertain about your own value?

Feeling like a fraud?

Low on energy and not taking the best care of yourself?

Wondering where you fit in and why it can seem so hard to just be yourself, or what that even looks like?

Attracting misaligned opportunities and/or people?


How it works

In the beginning, it looks a lot like detective work. Using my coaching and intuitive skills, I use the matrix of your Akashic record and the other dimensions of your history, personality, and way of approaching life. I dive into that matrix using a well-defined system of exploration that allows me to discover, and uncover, how you best work in the world.



Having a personal roadmap that shows what alignment... specifically looks like for you

Creating better results with less effort

More authentic, honest relationships... including the one with yourself

Living with more 


Having a deeper understanding of what you are attracting into your experience, and why

Being able to show up as yourself and play with anything

Truly becoming the authority over your life

Your ability to create more harmony and abundance in your life

A deeper connection with your own guidance and intuition


How do I know if this is for me?

  • You're curious to discover more about yourself and you're willing to try new things

  • You have an interest in bridging the spiritual and the practical

  • You know or are willing to learn, that you are the creator of your own experience

  • You want to rely on your own guidance for answers about who you are and what works best for you

  • You have a desire to know yourself beyond your current roles and identities

  • You're willing to take responsibility for what is showing up in your life, but just don’t know where to start

  • You know you have your own way of contributing and being in this world, even if you can’t see it clearly, or your way of being hasn’t been given permission by those around you

  • You know there are no limits to self-expression and want to take new action to create a more fulfilling life, in a way that works specifically for you


“The granular insights, along with a bird's eye view, make Susannah's information and guidance ground-breaking for the practicalities of my day-to-day activities, as well as the vision for my business. The power of this work snuck up on me; do not be deceived! This is not any Akashic reading or information that you would expect! For deep, neutral discoveries about who you are, how you best operate, how you subconsciously take yourself out of your optimal life, and HOW to get in alignment and stay there, reach out to Susannah NOW. What you will gain will impact your life profoundly.” 

Christine P., Bakers Mill, NY


Ready to get started?


Step into the Adventure of Knowing Yourself

We start by uncovering how you are designed to create flow and abundance in your life. If you are even a little unclear about what your gifts are, and where to focus in life to make transformational shifts, this information alone can change your life, or provide validation for what you already know, but just weren't sure