Hello, I'm Susannah

I grew up always trying to get life right, so I could fit in. I didn’t listen to my own greater wisdom because I was too busy trying not to upset people or rock the boat. In my mind, the more I tried to mold myself into my “perceptive roles” (mom, daughter, employee, wife, friend, entrepreneur, etc.), the more I should have been happy.


Of course, it didn’t work out that way. The more I tried to fit myself into what I thought was the “right way” to be, the more unfulfilled I felt. ​​I didn’t know (at first) that there was even another way. But inside me, there was always a little voice that said I could live a more fulfilling life, and as I became more unhappy, the louder it got.


Finally, I listened and got an education in how life works, how the mind works, and most importantly, who we really are. I went from struggling and feeling like I was never enough, to engaging in practices that had me more and more in love with who I am, and life in general. I actually found MY WAY of being in the world.


​All of the tools, skills, and understanding of the human ways of being that set me free, are now my inspiration. I love paying my journey forward to others who want to break free.


Let me help you start a new adventure

I love helping you uncover your unique, authentic way of self-expression. The part of you that is always accessible, regardless of the present circumstances and the identities to which you might cling. Opening access to the way you were designed to be, and to express and create in this physical world.


Once you start aligning with, and taking action from, that all-knowing part of yourself, you will find that your life starts to unfold in a way that brings in the circumstances, people, and opportunities that make life so much more expansive and abundant.


Why this work is so amazing

This work is entirely individualized, specific, and accurate. It completely changed the way I operate in the world. The knowledge I gained actually clarified and gave words to the things I thought I had known about myself, but had pushed aside because I believed what others had told me. It gave me more confidence in stepping outside my comfort zone, eliminated some of the doubt I had about myself, and helped me in accessing more of my intuitive abilities. Most importantly, it inspired me to take new actions in my life.


​Everything is tailored to who you are at the level of your Soul. It is literally a roadmap to who you are and how you are designed to create. The ways of using this information are so full of possibilities and can be so creative, depending on what interests you, and the amount of new action you are willing to take.


"Your Soul was born to go on an adventure, but if you don’t know how you are designed to fully experience yourself in this beautiful world, you can struggle, get frustrated and end up just trying to survive life"

A few things to know about me...


I live in a beautiful town on the coast of South Carolina, and have two wonderful, grown children who are out experiencing and traveling the world


My formal education consists of a degree in Counseling Psychology, and a certificate in Holistic Health. My Coaching certifications are from The Life Coach School, Women in Coaching, and Soul Realignment.


I am your biggest advocate when it comes to helping you uncover your own way of self-expression, and then applying that into your adventure of everyday life


I am an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, a Certified Life & Money Coach... and, have been coaching since 2011.


I can be quite forthright, and tell it as I see it. That’s mainly because I like to get past any pretense or superficiality and see the truth in any situation (way more interesting and fun!)


I apply what I teach in my own life, and absolutely LOVE my work

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What people are saying...

“I loved everything about the session. It was all so fascinating and explained so much about my life as I have experienced it so far. It was a huge confirmation and knowledge source for the direction I’m heading. It was very comforting to my heart and soul to see that I’m doing well and have done my best, and I’m ready for the ‘or better’ to keep on coming. These reference points of my soul’s expression will be a great ‘touchstone’ to keep me focused and aligned for even greater self-expression. Thank you so so much for this gift!”

Sonia W., Stouffville, Ontario

“What hit me was the accuracy. The fact that I could take what I learned and apply it to everyday situations. I find that I’m more aware of myself, including how I deal with conflict and how I process things during work. I find myself applying what I have learned, and finding better balance and positivity in my life.”

Anna H., Edinburgh, Scotland

“I was recently introduced to this type of reading by my wife. I had never heard of this before, but I found it very intriguing. So much so that that I thought I would like to find out more, and even have one done. I was introduced to Susannah and my expectations were not only met, but they were exceeded. Susannah has such a wonderful way of explaining things in terms and using examples that made sense to me. She was also very patient in not only answering all my questions, but doing so in a way that the answers gave meaning to me. I would highly recommend a reading with Susannah.”

Peter B., Stouffville, Ontario

“I felt the reading and information was highly accurate, gave me goosebumps, and made complete sense. I have been given specific instructions regarding which areas of life I need to focus on in order to make changes. Susannah is articulate and delightful to work with -- I'm really looking forward to more sessions with her!”

Heather T., Santa Monica, CA

“The whole session was really helpful. I'd say that who I am at my soul level, and making aligned choices vs choices that are out of alignment, are two of the things I loved the most. The blocks and restrictions, and choosing new patterns instead, is also super helpful. Being aware of all these things gives me different choices and if things are going sideways, I can look at what I am choosing, and choose differently. I feel a sense of peace about moving forwards.”

Glenda L., Edmonton, Alberta

“I found my session with Susannah extremely beneficial and rewarding. I was amazed at the accuracy of the information she presented to me concerning my Akashic Records. Certain tendencies and behaviors in my life aligned with what the records indicted from current as well as past incarnations. Most beneficial was not just the information from the records, but the guidance Susannah and the records provided going forward in my life. Susannah is very professional, yet personal and caring in her approach. If you are looking for a methodology for understanding who you are and how certain behaviors, thoughts, and tendencies are present in your life, this method and experience are for you. I highly recommend a session with Susannah!”

Chris H., Whitefish, MT

“Thank you for a truly awesome session, Susannah. It happened at the right time; you filled my heart with such contentment.  To hear you confirm my beingness in such a deeply expressed way; it was point-on, and I feel things are unfolding way differently now.  What a tool to assist businesses and teams, as much as individuals, on their journey of self-discovery. A beautiful contribution to the world and every client you'll ever be working with - Thank you, Susannah!”

Nadine S., Asheville, NC

“Since my session with you, I feel much more comfortable about the way I am. I feel like it's special, and not a burden anymore. There are things that just make sense now, and that is a huge relief. There is a reason for those things and it's not just me being overly dramatic. Your reading reminded me that everyone is different, and my being different is a good thing.”

Evelyne S., Austria

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