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Susannah Hansen

Discover your unique path to alignment, and uncover the wisdom and resources within yourself to create the life you want. 

I grew up always trying to get life right, so I could fit in. I didn’t listen to my own greater wisdom because I was too busy trying not to upset people or rock the boat. In my mind, the more I tried to mold myself into my “perceptive roles” (mom, daughter, employee, wife, friend, entrepreneur, etc.), the more I should have been happy.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way. The more I tried to fit myself into what I thought was the “right way” to be, the more unfulfilled I felt. ​​I didn’t know (at first) that there was even another way. But inside me, there was always a little voice that said I could live a more fulfilling life, and as I became more unhappy, the louder it got.

Finally, I listened and got an education in how life works, how the mind works, and most importantly, the connection that we have to our greater wisdom. I went from struggling and feeling like I was never enough, to engaging in practices that had me more and more in love with who I am, and life in general. I actually found my way of being in the world.


​All of the tools, skills, and understanding of the ways of being that set me free, are now my inspiration. I love paying my journey forward to others who want to break free and start living life with more self-confidence, authenticity, and purpose.

A few things to know about me

My formal education consists of Advanced Certifications in Soul Realignment, a Bachelor of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, and a Certificate in Holistic Health. I am also a certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School and Women in Coaching. 

I can be quite forthright, and tell it as I see it. That’s mainly because I like to get past any pretense or superficiality and see the truth in any situation (way more interesting and fun!).

I am your biggest advocate when it comes to helping you uncover your own way of self-expression, and then applying that into your adventure of everyday life.

I apply what I teach in my own life, and absolutely LOVE what I do in the world.

I love being outdoors, all kinds of animals, and traveling to new places. My biggest love is making meaningful connections with people.

Nadine S

Nadine S., Asheville, NC

"What a tool to assist businesses and teams, as much as individuals"

“Thank you for a truly awesome session, Susannah. It happened at the right time; you filled my heart with such contentment.  To hear you confirm my beingness in such a deeply expressed way; it was point-on, and I feel things are unfolding way differently now.  What a tool to assist businesses and teams, as much as individuals, on their journey of self-discovery. A beautiful contribution to the world and every client you'll ever be working with - Thank you, Susannah!”

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