"Go on your journey with confidence and excitement about who you are... and get on with the adventure of living your best life."


The Adventure of Knowing Yourself

The basics of what we will cover during your initial session: 


  • WHO you are at Soul Level, including the spiritual gifts you have access to that can activate more abundance and open up more flow in your life 


  • HOW you might be stopping yourself from accessing or using your gifts in expressing who you are 


  • NEW actions to take that will open up more flow in certain areas of your life 


  • The option of clearing any blocks at an energetic level


  • Any other information that is pertinent to your journey at the time of the reading


Note: This specific type of session is something you only do once. If you have had a “Soul Realignment” session before, I can work with you in the different ways shown in Step 2 (you would just want to send me your information from your original session).


Soul Realignment Session: $375
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