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Flight School 

Understanding Your Energetic Blueprint

I am truly excited about the upcoming adventure of your Flight School journey! I went through it myself in 2016-17. It was a life-changing experience (even though I wasn't fully aware of it at the time). Some of the changes were subtle and snuck up on me. All of a sudden I realized I was operating from a different state of being. 

Another part of the work that I do in the world is to help others align with who they are at a Soul level. The initial session that I do with someone is called a Divine Soul Blueprint reading. As part of Flight School, you have the option of receiving a reading. I have found this information extremely helpful (and fun) in working with people, groups, & teams to create alignment (both personally and professionally). This is done by accessing your Akashic Record and looking at your Soul's Blueprint.


What you might expect during your session:

  • Uncovering the spiritual gifts you have access to that can open up more flow in your life 


  • Learning how you might be stopping yourself from accessing or using your gifts in expressing who you are 

  • Discovering the way you are designed to create


  • Discovering new everyday actions that align more with your energetic blueprint 


  • Having the option of clearing any blocks that present, at an energetic level


Note: This session is something you do only once. If you have already had this type of session, please let me know and we can do another type of session.

Let's Uncover Your Soul's Blueprint

Click the button below to get started. 

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