Step 1

Knowing Yourself

What we will cover during your initial session:


Note: This session is something you do once and is the foundation for any additional work we do together in Step 2


  • The spiritual gifts you have access to that can activate more abundance and open up more flow in your life 


  • HOW you might be stopping yourself from accessing or using your gifts in expressing who you are 

  • The way in which you are designed to create


  • NEW actions designed to open up more flow in different areas of your life 


  • The option of clearing any blocks at an energetic level


  • Any other information that is pertinent to your journey at the time of the reading


Let's Uncover Your Soul's Blueprint $375

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All information is kept strictly confidential. 


"Go on your journey with confidence and excitement about who you are... and get on with the adventure of living your best life."